Company CrazyEdit

Welcome to the wonderful world of Company Crazy, where defense is a must and betrayal can happen! Companies fight amongst each other to make the most money, and involves a big underground trade. Welcome to righteousness and protection, or loneliness and power. Choose between good, neutral, and evil so you can make the most money possible! This game is still under development by Cody Hergenroeder, and this wiki was created to inform you about what is new and happening. So have fun and stay tuned about Company Crazy, and spread it like wildfire. (Not literally, don't go burning people's houses down or anything. That wouldn't be very nice.) Also, sorry about the advertisements, the wikia system is trying to get money (not me, those aren't my ads) and is doing so by allowing these crazy ads all over my site. It's wonderful, isn't it? Back to the point, you can also get information on my website: The website I just linked will be the only way to read my blog posts, so check it out!

Latest activityEdit

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